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Today is #WorldKindnessDay. A sanctioned day to put all of our troubles aside, and maybe, at least for one day, perform an act of kindness for another human.


Over the past week, we’ve seen shootings, jailings, and war threats. Our team here at D2E has felt our own pressure from these events as we work to make our transition from CURO as smooth as possible.


We’re on a mission to serve as a community. We are on a mission to eliminate the STIGMA of depression and anxiety disorders and bring them to extinction. How does kindness show up in our mission?




As a Personal Development Coach, I feel my biggest responsibility is to show love. To be love, for myself, yes, but more importantly, for others. For me, that is the kindness that can be shown in today’s world. We’re here. In this present moment. We may not be physically able to stop a shooter or even stop someone from cutting us off in traffic. However, might we be able to show kindness through love to those we see in passing by?


Let’s plant seeds of good and kindness.


As today marches on, my hope is that we can recognize the good that is in this world. Highlight it, share it, and give that love that grows within to those around us. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, it could be as simple as smiling and saying “hello” to someone walking by. But you CAN make a difference.


Spread LOVE. Be KIND.


For more on #WorldKindnessDay, check out The World Kindness Movement


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