A friend once asked Regan to define herself in one word. Without hesitation, she quickly responded: “I’m an Overcomer.” Regan has indeed overcome many obstacles in her life; from struggling with depression/anxiety at a young age to being a holistic cancer survivor culminating in having a child at 39 even though her doctors told her it was impossible. Her background includes a heavy involvement in the professional and competitive equestrian community, veterinary anesthesia and worked in the cutthroat advertising and pharmaceutical industries. Most importantly, doing whatever it took to save her family, after her husband, Ryan, suffered a nearly fatal accident in 2013. Regan choose to take action and responsibility for herself and her family’s future, which has ultimately defined who she is and what she has to offer as a leader, speaker and influencer.

Ryan has been described as a ”Rock” and a “Fighter.” Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Ryan’s natural born athleticism allowed him to excel in all manner of sport. Having a family immersed in the horse world, it was a natural fit when he began a professional equestrian career and competed at the highest level in horse trials. Ryan had an accident 2013 that not only ended his career and nearly his life, but also feeling a loss of identity. 26 surgeries later, physically recovered as much as Dr’s said was possible, he chose to recreate himself returning to school where he was named to the deans list each semester and graduated Phi thata Kappa. He has an innate gift of simplifying complex topics to a level that anyone can understand and appreciate. Ryan’s incredible transformation inspires audiences around the world, where he chooses to be an example for change and support people in taking action and never settling in life.

Since partnering with the Natural Health Revolution in 2014, both Regan and Ryan have helped thousands of people and developed leaders and businesses around the world. With that, they have been given the opportunity to not only share their wealth of knowledge and experience in holistic health and wellness, but have also created a platform to share their passion for building people, developing impactful life leaders and inspiring individuals to achieve their goals. Driven by past lessons learned and a clear vision for the future, Regan and Ryan are excited to help others uncover and let go of what’s holding them back and build a global community of not just successful, but significant people out to change the world! They are humbled and honored to partner and serve with D2E in sharing what matters most, around the world. …#MyStoryMatters #YourStoryMatters