In today’s heavily filtered social media world, it is easy to begin comparing your story to someone else’s. “Someone has 15,000 followers or 150 likes and I only got a few today…” It’s far too easy and far too common. In fact, studies have shown that getting a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’ releases dopamine which is a chemical related to pleasure. However, the dopamine doesn’t last long which forces us to seek out better posts to get more ‘likes’. In many ways, this can result in trying to show our best selves, and only sharing our best content.


Here at d2e, our WHY is My Story/Your Story MATTERS. The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of it. We are on a mission to create a safe space for you to live in the most authentic parts of your story and bring the stigma of depression to extinction. In preparation for this week’s theme, heavily focused on our organizational WHY, we sat down with the team to ask what #MyStoryMatters meant to them.

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Here is an expert from a Q&A with Coach David Steen:


Q: What does #MyStoryMatters mean to you?

DS: Everyone is the main character in their own story. Everyone has this complexity about them that makes their story matter. We all feel joy, pain, fear, etc., and that helps me connect my story to your story. The #MyStoryMatters movement is a great reminder to me that everyone else is another me. That we are all going through similar life experiences. Being authentic to my story helps me feel that my experience is valid. It is a humbling reminder that every person is an important and valued human.  


Q: How do you provide this space for others?

DS: One of the most valuable things anyone has to offer is their own experience. I feel as though I have the awareness and connection to help validate their experience. People often feel behind because they compare themselves to others, I know I do, and I want to create a space for others to feel happy with their current situation. I like to begin by acknowledging the positive things in their life and then embrace the less positive situations as well. I let them know that they are where they are for a reason. It doesn’t mean you’re broken, it means you’re growing. Having this outside perspective of my own story has helped provide me with healing and support.


Q: What steps can one take to own and live the My Story Matters perspective?

DS: I often find that stories are interesting because of conflict and struggle. As humans, we are all flawed on some level. However, these flaws are almost always correlated to our strengths as well. As humans, what if we found a way to utilize our flaws as our strengths? I truly believe and have found with my own journey that the more I embrace and confront my flaws and work on them, the more connected and empowered I am to live my best self. This boils down to a message we’ve talked a lot abou there at d2e: It’s okay to not be okay. I have found that the hard times are the times I grow the most and am stronger because of it.

A huge thanks to David and the other d2e team and community members who continue to share their authentic story everyday! Your Story DOES Matter!

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