Do you remember in kindergarten when pretty much everything had to do with coloring, building, or doing something creative? Do you remember not needing to care what anyone else thought of what you created?


That was great, wasn’t it? So why, then, must we now worry about what everyone thinks of our social media feed or random crafts or creations?


We are constantly inundated with content. Everyday we see a new fancy post on Instagram or cool video on YouTube. Millions of people are churning out content everyday. It is almost as if you are not in the content creation game these days, you’re not in any game…


Maybe, for some, the idea of creating builds anxiety or worry. Maybe we see someone else’s creativity and use that to benchmark our own. Possibly, it takes us back to that time in 2nd grade when Bobby pointed out that my stick figure drawing looked more like a hotdog than my actual dog. Or in 4th grade when my brothers took the song lyrics I wrote and simply made fun of me.


Pain. Maybe it is our past pain and experience that inhibits our current creativity. However, let me ask you this: Is there a deep yearning inside of you that needs to get expressed? Is there something burning inside of your heart that you need to share with the world?


Let’s get CREATIVE.


Being creative doesn’t have to be judged or manipulated. It can be your personal practice. It can be a time set aside to draw, write, record a video, or sing a song. It can be whatever you want it to be. In fact, it may just be that necessary space to let your inner kindergartener out. We’re not talking Picasso here, just do what your heart asking for you to do.


This thing, creativity, can be a gateway to something new or even a release or therapy from what is currently going on in your life.


So, what is your inner Kindergartener telling you to do?





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