Jon is a Life Legacy Coach known for creating Adventure Challenge Coaching Experiences and Evolved Educational Programs, which help clients pursue their life legacy, overcome fear, and challenge limiting beliefs while connecting them to divine love and catalyzing high conscious human connection.

Through one on one coaching and group facilitation, Jon leverages unlimited reality thinking frameworks to empower clients to achieve big life goals while helping them develop patience, persistence, and commitment, even when faced with overwhelming obstacles and adversity.

Typically Jon’s clients are individuals who seek to discover their purpose and ignite passion, leading to true happiness, fulfillment, and higher quality of life. His coaching programs are designed to challenge clients to achieve and do things that they would have never done without being a part of a group that pushes and challenges them to get out of their comfort zone.

Jon is the founder and president of a company dedicated changing the way the game of life, education, and spirituality is played in the world by helping people impact and conquer their lives and awakening to their higher purpose and bigger future.