We're merging.

We started CURO Coaching Solutions on a mission to target depressive stigmas through Movement, Mindfulness, & Connection. We've built a simple methodology focused on being present, building empowerments, and keying in on the WINs behind your intentions.

We are NOW Depression2Extinction.

We are an organization of individuals dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding depression through making holistic practices focused on Movement, Mindfulness, and Human Connection available to all.

Our fundraising goal is $150,000 by December 31, 2018.

These monies will be used to support:

1.) Services and programs to those seeking help including personal development coaching, access to fitness and wellness programs, and on-going research studying the connection between Movement, Mindfulness, and Human Connection as foundational forms of treatment.
2.) Launching our Everyday Athlete Ambassador Program.
3.) Implementing and supporting infrastructure such as accounting, legal and operational support.
4.) Sharing our message on social media, our website, and educational talks.
5.) Developing strategic alliances with other organizations aligned with our Core Mission. We have several interested in partnering with our cause.

We currently have almost $25,000 pledged. That is a huge start! We are a start-up Nonprofit organization and these donations will allow us to continue our mission to reach and help so many suffering from depression and anxiety and we cannot thank you enough for your support.

We are changing the world...One Mile, One Conversation, and One Connection at a time. Join the movement and help us bring (the "stigma" of) Depression 2 Extinction once and forever.

"Be gentle with yourself as I find it allows me to be gentle with others". On behalf of our Board of Directors, our Team, and those we have already started Serving...Thank you again for all the support.

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