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What is HEAL?

HEAL is a crash course in compassionate leadership. Our world is currently saturated with managers, dictators, and many who are insecure with who they are. These type of leaders are filling workplaces and relationships with a skewed vision of the world. HEAL Events are designed to give individuals the necessary tools it takes to live into true leadership.


What attributes do you think of when you think of a good leader? Connector? Good Listener? Humble? Grateful? Loving? - Did any of these words show up for you? At HEAL, we believe that these are the kind of things that make up a good leader. Someone who is present, someone who cares, and someone who can usher others into their own leadership roles.


You will leave HEAL with the tools to go back to your friends, employees/co-workers, or family as a true leader. A compassionate leader. Every HEAL Event offers the space to deepen the art of listening, build a space to break down our stories, and cultivate tools to help you usher others into their leadership.

Deepen your Listening. Share your Story. Live into your best Self.



Meet Our Leaders:

Benjamin Mathes

Founder of Urban Confessional

Jeff Jackson (JJ)

Founder & Executive Director of depression2extinction

Meaghan Self

Health & Wellness Coach at Stronger Self Project