How would you define faith? Maybe it has to do with your belief in God or connection to some higher power. Does it  possibly lie with a simple belief of a greater good for all of humanity? Is it simply based in good karma?


Let’s collect the data first. Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as the following:



  • complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  • strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.


Okay, so trust, confidence, or a spiritual based belief. Seems pretty straight forward. To have complete trust in someone, in their decisions, actions, or even their beliefs seems to fit. Having confidence in someone or something, a mindset or understanding that you can rely on them or that thing. Finally, the spiritual sense or belief in God or a higher power as a thread connecting reality to a future good.


So this thing we call faith, is like a invisible thread, a belief, connected to something good that we probably can’t see. (that in and of itself deserves a whole blog by to dive into… but for now let’s stick to the action piece) With that basic foundation, how then might we utilize or have faith in action?


I heard a good friend once say that having faith in action was like pulling that thread of invisible good towards you and using it in your everyday life. Hearing that planted a seed of curiosity. Is this a tangible thing that we can accomplish on a daily basis?


I’ve read and heard that in serving others you are living faith in action. Being of useful service can be a very hard thing for many. Especially if you haven’t had time to fill up your own cup and serve yourself. However, I’ve had another dear friend share with me that when he is feeling low, he will begin to open doors for others, smile at strangers, buy someone a coffee, or even let someone by in traffic. In these small and seemingly meaningless acts of kindness, a big piece of faith in action lies.


You see, faith doesn’t always lie the big, grand ideas and thoughts of the world, in fact, it is probably more oftenly found (and overlooked) in the small kind actions performed throughout a day. So, faith in action. Let’s start here: take the next kind act that pops into your brain and perform it for another. Then ask yourself if that is connected to some kind of faith. Some sort of belief, good, or trust, a thread possibly connected to something greater than yourself.


Maybe, to put it simply, we live faith in action through simple service without an expectation of reward.


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