I am wife, mother, entrepreneur and crazy runner. I started my running journey in my 20’s and am still loving it almost 25 years later. I started running for weight control as I got into my 20’s, and realized how much it relieved stress and made me feel more at peace with the challenges of life.

I am proud to be married to my best friend, who proudly served our country in the Army as a helicopter pilot. He had the privilege of protecting our country, our borders, blowing things up, and countless other duties I will never know about.

I have two beautiful children, ages 13 and 14. Our daughter, Blakely, is an amazing athlete, and plays Volleyball and Soccer. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 4th grade, so we spend a lot of energy working to help her through those struggles. Our son, Colson, is smarter than I will ever be, and plays Lacrosse, but also has his own cross to carry. He was diagnosed in 2016 with AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis), so he lives with joint pain daily.

To say we have a normal life would be crazy, but is any family life actually normal?

When I am not running and playing wife and mom, I am a Medical Device rep, and have done this for 20 years (with some time off to be mom). I have been watching and consulting on surgeries all these years, and have seen just about everything. I also own a business of Home Decor and custom candles. Most recently, I started a new business (online) focusing on apparel and gear for crazy athletes like myself.

I have had the joy of running 12 full marathons, 7 half marathons, 2 ultra marathons, and 1 triathlon. Through this running journey, I have learned to take the selfish aspect of myself out of running, and longed to be an example or inspiration to someone else. I have seen the highs and lows of finishing races at a PR less than desired (or better), and injuries that have sidelined me along the years. It was through these challenges that I realized how important it was to stop allowing running to be an “idol”, but to take this talent God has blessed me with, and try to help others.

This past Fall, I taught a class at our church, “Run For God”. It was an amazing way to inspire others to get involved in running, all while having small group of faith study.

Today, my goals are not to worry or think about where I finish in the race, but how I get to the finish line. If it means helping someone along the way, or opening my eyes to things other than myself during the race, I try to make those my goals.

I look forward to working with this group, and trying to help as many people as I can along the way. I just hope my story can be in inspiration in some way.