What does family mean to you?


Webster's Dictionary defines family as all the descendants of a common ancestor.

In today’s American culture, we’re seeing more broken families than ever. Broken in the sense that fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles aren’t connecting as much as they used to. People are becoming more engaged in the digital world wishing to be a part of someone else’s life. Like their life is better than yours…

We see young kids using #family while posting pictures of pop stars and athletes. What happened to the people who raised you? The friends you made and people who gave you love as a kid? What are we blinded by?

Disrupted family culture (and our own ego). Sometimes we can get comfortable in our own groove. Maybe we feel completely different than anyone in our family. Truth is, that is okay. How can an 18 yr old young male connect with a ‘Jake Paul loving’ pre-teen girl anyway? Hard to find too many things in common, other than living in the same house. But, as you’re reading this, whether you’re a parent, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt, who’s job is it to hold your family culture together?

Not mine!

Of course not...

...Well, you can’t change the family you’re born into. Some don’t even have a biological family to hold them in the first place. So really, who’s job is it to enjoy a great family culture? If you’re reading this, it’s yours.

If we take a look from a wider lens, we live in world that thrives from human connection and community. Wars were started because someone’s ego got in the way of connection and love. How can we fix this? Love your neighbor. Nope, it’s not an overnight, quick fix. This takes time. There may be past pain and hurt, but love always wins.

Family’s true core is love. It’s the best common ground to start from, not your exterior interests. Maybe the next time your little sister gets all giddy over the newest YouTuber or your Aunt shares her political perspective, try loving them for their joy and excitement over something that is meaningful to them.

Are you willing to take this step to create a better global family culture? Let’s simply begin in your own home.


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