First time checking-in? That's awesome! Here is a model for you: A Check-in Example



Welcome to your LEGACY!

You are about to dive into an Emotional Check-in. The purpose of this check-in is simple: connect with your emotions. Many of us tend to either act solely from our emotions or jar them up and hide them away. Too much of either can be detrimental to creating and owning your legacy. Taking the time to check-in emotionally helps us become more aware of who we are and how we're doing in this present moment. We welcome you to be honest, authentic, and vulnerable with yourself.

Please rate each emotion on a scale from (no feeling at all) 1 - 10 (all the feels). If you'd like to add any notes to explain your rating, please do so. We encourage you to rate each emotion/feeling/experience and share why it is where it is for you in this present moment. We then welcome you to create an Affirmation Statement for yourself! We will always affirm your "I am" statement! Have fun. Connect. Enjoy the process. Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to connecting with you! - d2e Support Team

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