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Coach JJ

Founder & Everyday Athlete (Ultra Runner)

Last Race:
The HURT 100 Ultra Marathon
2018: 100k Finish

Luke Frazier Head Shot

Coach Luke

Creative Director & Everyday Athlete (Marathon Runner)

Last Race:
Philadelphia Marathon
Time: 3:10:44

Feel Good Run

Coach David

Program Manager & Everyday Athlete (Runner)

Last Race:
Philadelphia Marathon
Time: 3:21:30


Paul Jesse

Ultra Runner & Race Director

Next Race:
The Pittsburgh Marathon
May 8, 2018

Paul grew up very active in soccer. His intro into endurance sports happened after he graduated college and put on excessive weight living a sedentary office life. After a few years, he quit engineering to work in a running store and has been in the running industry ever since. Paul is a Race Director for three trail events in San Diego that he puts on under his business, Off Road Pursuits. He is also currently working for Orange Mud, selling some killer hydration packs! 

Paul got started with endurance racing through triathlon, then made the switch to trail and ultra running in 2010. After completing over 20 races from 50K through 100 miles, Paul will be racing his first ever road marathon in May. Paul will be taking on the Pittsburgh Marathon as his first race with the d2e Ambassador Team!


Dee Angstadt

Ultra Runner

Next Race:
Potomac River Run Marathon
May 6, 2018

I am a proud mother of two and have been serving in the Navy for the past 17 years. I started running in 2006 to quit smoking and continued thru Iraq and after. I came back with some serious PSTD and have been dealing with it since 2008. Every day is a struggle and a fight, but running and working out helps me deal with all the challenges. I have ran close to 100 races and am psyched to enter a new chapter of my life- ultra running. I am super excited to represent D2E because I know first hand what depression can do to people.


Cassidy Moore

Marathon & Ultra Runner

Next Race:
Black Hills 50k
June 22, 2018

I grew up in Pennsylvania and started running during high school. I fell in love with it almost instantly but couldn't have imagined just how much it would help me over the years. During my junior year of college, my brother unexpectedly passed away. Running has helped immensely while trying to cope with the loss of him. I recently moved from my home in PA to Salt Lake City to pursue a graduate degree in sports nutrition. Over the past year, I ran my first marathon and then decided to make it a mission to qualify for Boston for my second marathon. In November, I went home to PA to run the Harrisburg marathon where I achieved my BQ of 3:29:14!  

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Louis Hylands

Marathon, Ultra Runner & Boxer

Next Races:
The Serpents Trail 100km Ultra Marathon July 7, 2018

The Portsmouth Waterside Coastal Marathon
December, 23, 2018

My name is Louis, Iʼm from the U.K. and I'm 37 years old.

Throughout most of my adult life, I have battled depression and bouts of anxiety, I'm also a recovering alcoholic.

To keep me on a better path from the one I was previously on, I have found physical fitness to be a great way to help me do that. My weapons of choice in the battle are Long Distance Running and Boxing, Iʼm currently training for my first Ultra Marathon, of which I intend to run 5 in 2018 and also the London Marathon.

My hope is people can see where I was and where I am now and use that as inspiration to move forward with their own battles. Eventually, we can together break the stigma surrounding Mental Health.


Jeremy Adkins

Marathon & Ultra Runner 

Next Race:
Big Turtle 50 Miler
April 21, 2018

Been running for only a few years. First ultra was 6 days after my first marathon. Both of which were in fall of 2017. I have a son who is going to be 10 in March and who has autism. I dealt with depression as a teen. I learned to control it through self-talk and changing my mindset.
My fav ultra runner is David Goggins. Former Navy SEAL.


Cory Chrysogelos

Marathon & Half Marathon Runner

Next Race:
Buffalo Marathon
May 27, 2018

I’m a certified personal trainer, massage therapist/craniosacral therapist and run coach. D2E especially hits home from me because I suffer from bipolar disorder and high social anxiety. Running has been literally a life saver for me. Not only for the mental and physical therapy but for my soul. My preferred distance is the marathon and half marathon. Last May was a PR on the Vermont city marathon in Burlington with a 3:13. This May in Buffalo New York will be my next marathon. I’m still cracking sub 3:00 and have goals on cracking 2:30 in the years to come. 


Trent Foldager

Ultra Runner

Next Race:
United Physical Therapy 49k Ultra
August 19, 2018

Born and raised in Alaska. I come from an Alaska running dynasty but am definitely the black sheep! Every good team needs an even better hype man right!?! I had a wonderful childhood full of love and opportunity. Into my 20’s things just mentally got tough. Started with loosing my grandfather, who was beyond a hero to me. That sadness just compiled with struggles life throws at everyone until 10 years later I was on a path of depression and anxiety that I couldn’t shake. Drank rather heavily and basically treated my body like a trash can. Once my son Jack Danger Foldager was born in May 2017 I just decided it was time to be Dad and I had to do something different. With the help of my amazing Oksana I changed my life around. Went primarily plant based and found the toughest race on earth. Got into the Hurt100 lottery in January 2018 and started running. Along the way I found running opened up my mind and helped me fight my battles head on. For the longest time I felt lost but now, we’ll now I’m running forward! I look forward to every day and can’t wait until I get to climb that next mountain! YAR!!

Patrik Gullerstrom

Patrik Gullerstrom

Ultra Runner

Next Races:
Trosa Backyard Ultra
April 28-29, 2018

Stockholm Marathon
June 2, 2018

Der Berlin Mauerweglauf 100 Miles
August 11-12, 2018

Patrik is a Cosmologist that works with IT-security and cloud . A father of three beautiful princesses and live outside Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve always enjoyed running but started to do it more serious back in 2014 when I signed up for my first Ultra (50k) after that I’ve increased the volume and the distance. 2015, I signed up for 75k, when I finished that one (2nd place) I told my wife to forbid me to sign up for anything longer than that. Two weeks later I signed up for my first 100 Miles… After that I’ve been running 100 milers, 6hrs, 12hrs and 24 hrs..

The top three races that I want to do are: Spartathlon, Bad Water and keys100. I try run every day but work, travel and other appointments prevent me from going out every day which is kind of frustrating. I love getting out for an evening run, to clear my head after a hectic day. It is my way of winding down. To get perspective and new ideas.

I’m also an ambassador for the “Berlin Mauerweglauf” Mauerweglauf translate to “wall road race”, it’s a race that goes where the Berlin wall stood until November 9th, 1989. This race is honoring and remembering everyone that tried to flee from East Berlin and was killed. I think it’s important that we do not forget that there was a time when people weren’t free to move around in Europe. We should always strive to open borders, not close them!


Cesar Trelles

Marathon & Half Marathon Runner

Next Race:
United Airlines NYC Half Marathon
March 18, 2018

I discovered running back in high school where I ran track and field and cross country for 4 years. Over the years I have continued running off and on primarily to stay in shape. About five years ago however, I started to let my diet get the best of me and I almost reached 200 lbs. For a short guy (5’5”), that’s a lot of weight. My breaking point was May of 2014 when I was at Disneyworld with my kids. I had developed foot issues and foot pain leading up to the trip because of my excess weight. During the trip, I was pretty much using my daughter’s stroller as a walker. While life was ok materialistically, I didn’t like myself when I looked in the mirror, plus with the foot pain, I wasn’t enjoying my time with my kids the way I should. Upon returning from that vacation, slowly I got back into running. In 2016 I started racing again. Since then not only have I lost over 40 pounds but I have run several races including three half marathons. While I always enjoyed running, I never thought I would complete a half marathon! Further, after trying off and on for about 20 years, I finally qualified for the 2018 New York City Marathon in November. It has always been a dream to run that race and now that I have that chance. In looking back at my weight loss, I have decided to make it my mission also inspire people not only to lose weight thru running but in simply becoming a better version of themselves. Running can do that for just about anyone regardless of their situations in life.
Instagram: @catrunsnyc_2018
Twitter: @catrunsnyc

Scott O'Leary

Ultra & Spartan Obstacle Course Runner

Next race:
Zumbro 100
April 13th, 2018
"Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.
Help someone's soul heal.
Walk out of your house like a shepherd."
-Jalaluddin Rumi
It's a humbling honor to represent D2E.

Merinda Stevens

5k & Half Marathon Runner

Next race:
Ragnar Cape Cod
May 12, 2018
I’m 36 and a mother of 3 children; 13, 12 and 22 months. Dealing with teenagers and toddlers has driven me to run (literally) out of the house. I started running again in 2016 to combat postpartum depression and managed three 5ks, one five miler, two 10k, one 10 Miler and one half marathon in 2017. A double fracture in my left ankle caused me to miss out on a lot of spring running but 2018 is looking like it will be amazing! I can’t wait to represent depression2extinction in the coming year and to help bring awareness to the masses who live with depression daily. 

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