We are very excited to officially announce HEAL Austin. HEAL Austin is a transformative experience that will allow you to learn how to listen, share your story, and gather with a fun/interactive community. Best part… it’s FREE!


HEAL. Helping Emotions Allow Listening. Why? Because #YourStoryMatters and because we know on a deep level that our emotions can block how we connect with others and how we connect with ourselves.


d2e is partnering with two amazing organizations to make this transformative event possible: Urban Confessional and Glbl Vllg.


Urban Confessional is a free listening movement seeking to create healing through listening. 

Benjamin Mathes, founder, started Urban Confessional as a community of artists who believe people should be heard.  Urban Confessional ‘FreeListeners’ stand on street corners all over the world with signs that say “Free Listening” – and you can imagine what happens next.  Their work has been featured in academic publications, blogs, on radio and television, most recently, in American Theatre Magazine. (Listen to Benjamin’s Story here.)


Glbl Vllg (Global Village) is an Entertainment and Wellness company that is on a mission to find the roots that make community, well, community. Founder, Lyonzo Vargas, created The Village to connect over dance, art, and freestyle music in their collaborative Jam Sessions. The Village is a collective of unbelievable artists; a community rich with beautiful people, with infinite capacity to bring light and healing into our city and the world. Global Village wants to showcase these artists and the creative work that makes our culture unique. All are welcome. (Listen to Lyonzo’s Story here.)


Our organizations are coming together because we have one thing in common: A belief that community and connection can transform lives. We are all individuals, like you, with stories that matter. Even more so, you are an individual with a story that matters, and we believe your story should be shared. We believe that listening can heal. And we also believe that stepping out of your comfort zone and into your creative genius can set you free.


This event will transform you. You may even wake up the next day, look in the mirror, and wonder who it is staring back at you. It’s the you you’ve been looking for.


For more details and to RSVP, connect below:

(Click Here)

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JJ · February 12, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Wow. This is amazing. Cannot wait until March 9th and let the HEALing begin.

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