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Bringing the STIGMA of depression2extinction

OUR MISSION: To bring awareness to the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety disorders.

Offering our community several ways to treat depression and anxiety, we provide Personal Development Coaching, Ambassador Athlete Programs, and Content that provides training and support.

We believe that Movement, Mindfulness, and Human Connection are key factors that allow people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders to begin the healing process.  Our goal is to end the stigma or stereotype, bring awareness to the harsh reality of these disorders, and begin talking about it openly and authentically.



Raising Awareness around Depression through:

Ambassador Athletes

Join the movement and community to help bring awareness to the stigma of depression and anxiety disorders!

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HEAL Events

HEAL is an interactive, transformative event that will push you to find your own light. At this event, you will have the opportunity to share your story in a Small Group. You will be able to check-in with your emotions and feelings to bring more awareness of who you truly are in this present moment.

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Small Groups

Looking for support? Looking to be heard? Seeking to live your story? Join our virtual or live Small Groups and connect to your legacy. These are safe spaces designed to allow you to be yourself, connect with others, and learn how to support those suffering.

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Creating a community to provide a light in the darkness of depression. #MyStoryMatters #ShareMyCourage

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Releasing content developed around Mindfulness, Movement, and Human Connection.


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Join us every Thursday at 8pm EST (7pm CST) for a LIVE show from our d2e team covering the theme of the week, tools to handle depression, and the newest forms of support from d2e.

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